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Pay your Cum Tax, you wankers!

This week, September 9-16, Femocracy members and over indulgent "wank yankers "are to pay a Cum Tax for every time they jerk off. They are to pay the tax to any Chapter of Femocracy that they choose.

Femocracy Global is a movement that was founded by the Professional Dominatrix, Dictatress, who is a believer in Female Supremacy and a Dominant Woman. Femocracy is empowering and supporting Females' rise to power in every corner of the globe.

Femocracy Houston is in its infancy but model after Femocracy Global. We have Our meeting on the third weekend of the month and you are encouraged to become a member if you are a subservient male who believes that Females are Superior! Mistress Leah Surrender founded Femocracy Houston and it is hosted by Mistress Cat of Houston at Her personal dungeon. It is a private organization dedicated to empowering Women locally in all Our endeavors.

Femocracy is growing fast and in The United Sates there are Chapters in many of the major cities, from Los Angeles to New York as well as in Canada. Texas has two chapters, Houston and Dallas. Femocracy is global with chapters in Amsterdam, The U.K. Berlin, Spain and Istanbul to name a few.

Femocracy Houston is having their meeting this weekend. If you wish to know more, contact Femocracy Houston at femocracyhouston@gmail.com

This week is Tax Week and Femocracy Houston is collecting!

Follow the link below to pay yours!!


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