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Femocracy Houston Member Sign Up

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Subservient males of Houston, Enlist today for the New World Order is Here. Support Female Empowerment and Matriarchy by enlisting in the local Houston chapter of Femocracy today.


After a probationary training period, each member is allowed to serve a local registry of Dominant Women both online and in person.

Join Femocracy Houston and support Matriarchy and Female Empowerment.

Monthly Membership

Be truly owned and realize your full potential by Submitting yourself to the Dominant Women of Femocracy.

Support Women globally and put yourself, your skills and resources toward the Women and the cause of Femocracy.

Interact with local Dominant Women Special experiences like chastity keyholding, GPS monitoring and other submission training.

Premium access to special content, privileges, and invites other male subjects are simply denied.

Parties/ Meetings are held on the third weekend of every month. Members will get the details.


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