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Femocracy Houston

 is a discrete coalition composed of Dominant Women and subservient men who believe that Women are superior in every way. This is a private organization which is based on Female Supremacy and Female rise to power.

Live as your true self by sacrificing erectile freedom, life control, and contributing to the lives of the Ladies of Femocracy.

Femocracy Houston is a private club that provides a safe space of non-judgement and consent for discussions, classes, and workshops relevant to Female-Led relationships, including but not limited to events, education, and expansion.

To Become a Member,  all men must

  1. Tribute

  2. Complete Application

  3. Attend monthly meeting

  4. Share #FemocracyHouston on selected social media platform as instructed so that Femocracy is well represented. 

Step 1


males must tribute to get Our attention


Femocracy Houston Donation

Support Matriarchy and Female Supremacy Locally! Support Female Empowerment and advancement of Women.


download female gender sign black.png

Femocracy Houston Donation

Support your local Houston Matriarchal Movement and be part of The New Order!!



Femocracy Houston Membership

This prestigious membership is for subservient men who chose to dedicate their lives to local Dominant Women. 


Step 2

Once tribute has been paid, proceed to the application below.


Welcome to Femocracy Houston

Femocracy, derived from Female and kratia (‘rule’) is the new world of Female governance. Specifically, Femocracy denotes a commitment to more responsible governance - practices that will serve as an antidote to the politics of war, global economic apartheid, environmental and social destruction, while empowering Females to lead, control and subjugate men to serve Women in the way they are destined.

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